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This song seemed appropriate:


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On Friday, the cobwebs on the granny gear were cleaned out. I wanted to try a long and hilly route, and I found it. I did a nice little loop that took me from the centre of the island to one of the hilliest regions, then onto the shore and finally returning back.


  • Distance: 55 Kms
  • Time: ~3 hours
  • Weather: 8 degree’s, a good temperature for a bike ride
  • Feeling: I could go all day! if I weren’t hungry that is.

So, I found the hilly route, Its kind of crazy how fast some people drive those small roads, I guess they don’t expect to see people bike/walking or cops. On some of the hills it got kind of sketchy, people passing and oncoming cars bombing down the hill, I seriously thought that I was going to witness an accident or two. This is the first time that I brought along a snack to eat, Chocolate covered almonds (yum!) and an apple (keeps the doctor away). Every big hill that I crushed I would reward myself with a couple of almonds (great motivation). When I got to the shore, I went to visit my old workplace, it was closed but I showed myself in and had an apple on the lawn (no, its not trespassing if there is no gate).

On Saturday, I took the day off from my training and helped my parents on their farm. We run a fruit farm, and in the spring (as with any farm) there is a lot of stuff to be done. In the afternoon, a friend and I went to another friends place for a little get together, birthdays rock. Afterwards we split ways in town, they went clubbing and I went to see a band play. While rocking out I met some friends that I haven’t seen in a while, but as we know its hard to talk with loud music. Anyways good beer was had, lots of dancing, and great music. I call that success!

Sunday (today), I woke up late (that happens when you don’t get home until 4am!). To make up for my late start I helped the parents again with the berries, and went for a quick ride before supper (when you eat at home, supper tends to be pretty early).


  • Distance: 20 Kms
  • Time: ~1 hour
  • Weather: 14 degree’s, today rocked, man it was nice out!
  • Feeling: This has now become a quick ride! WOOT!

20 kms, a quick ride? yeah, you read me right! I’m finally falling into the grove of riding. I’m hopping to be able to push harder this week and get my “quick ride” to that 30 Km route that I did last week, that would be awesome. Now, i’m sure some of you are reading this and going: ‘holy crap 20 kms!’ and other ‘pfft, i eat 20 kms for breakfast!’, but you have to remember that I barely did any training this winter, especially with the thesis and all. So, being able to call 20 Kms a quick ride after only a couple weeks feels great.

My goal for my short term training (it has to be short term, I leave soon!), is to bike a smooth 80 kms this week, and a hilly 100 kms next week. I’m hopping that will get me in a good enough shape to get over the rockies, if not, i’m sure there are energy drinks I can get that will act as jet-fuel.

Easy peasy

Dis be the goal

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The Great Thing

The great thing about riding a bike, the same could be said about running, walking…., is being able to change your route whenever you feel like it. When I head out the door yesterday I had planned on doing a quick and flat loop down to Emyvale. But, once I got going I didn’t want to stop. So, my quick loop turned into a medium run with more hills than I had planned, it was awesome.


  • Time: I forget
  • Distance: 30 Kms (I was originally going for 20 Kms)
  • Weather: 10 Degree’s, the weather seems to fluctuate quite a lot lately.
  • Feeling: Up beat

This rainjacket is awesome! Sure its not raining out, but it is kind of nippy out, but i don’t need a sweater or full jacket. The pit-vents are a blessing. Weird how I would never have thought that a raincoat should be worn other than when it was raining.

And just for the hell of it, this video is awesome. Enjoy!

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Theme Song

This day needs a theme song:

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CD Release

A friend of mine (part of the band: Milks and Rectangles) hosted a CD release the other night. And as always, CD release party are awesome. They have their CD up for free download on their website. If you can, see them live they are pretty sweet.

Opening for them were two other PEI acts: Racoon Bandit and Boxer the Horse.

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All I can say is, watch their faces. Cracks me up every time.

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This song has been on repeat for the past two weeks. I own most of Radioheads albums, but when In Rainbows came out i didn’t even bother to download it (yeah i know lazy). But when I heard it at the end of Choke, I couldn’t resist listening to it again and again. I don’t know what specifically I like about it, probably the haunting way Thom Yorke sings, or the way it floats in and out.

Give it a try, even if you’re not a Radiohead fan.

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