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January Update

So, I haven’t touched this in a really long time. To those of you who were actually paying attention, sorry.

The past couple of months have been pretty full, both with school and others.

In school I finished my last semesters busy class, and have now started a new semester with a potentially more demanding class. Yes, I know a masters program is supposed to be challenging, but still I was hoping to relax a bit on the book learning and instead focus more on the research, I guess that will have to wait, or slow down a bit. On the bright side, once I’m done this class I’ll be done of the necessary classes that I’ll have to take, I can sit in on classes if I want to. Speaking of sitting in on classes, I’ve started doing so. Three times a week I sit in on a third year inorganic class, I’m considering it a refresher, I’m also the TA for this classes labs, and since it’s a third year class most of the students already know what they are doing (or at least they are pretending that they are) its not that complicated.

Research wise, I GOT A CRYSTAL! WOOT! For those of you non-chemists a crystal of your product can be used to determine it’s chemical structure (think Watson and Crick, DNA). We’ll know later next week if I made the right thing and if I’m heading in the right direction.

In other news, the car is officially dead. We had to tow it to the garage, and the quote to fix it would have been more than how much we had paid for it. So we are now on the hunt for a new one, haven’t decided if I will get a new one, but I’m keeping my options open. Having one in the summer would be nice if I want to tour around Da Rock.

Rod and I finished a rock-climbing course to learn how to use clips, a method to climb other than using a top-rope. We are now looking forward to the spring to go and explore Flatrock (cliffs close to St John’s).

Ultimate Frisbee has started up again; although I’m only participating in the pick-up games I’m having a lot of fun. I think that this summer if my schedule will permit it I will join the league, this semester will be too busy to be able to join.

The GSU organized a couple of back to school events, including glow in the dark 10-pin bowling and curling. I’ve never been 10-pin bowling before, so I was pretty stoked when I won our first game, but then I lost horribly for the second and third games. And curling rocked (oh! Pun!), our team got first, by a long shot! I’m looking forward to the hockey game on Monday, no I’m not playing I’m just watching, but it’s going to be epic, Arts vs. Science!

I’m working on finishing my last couple of posts for my bike trip, they should be up soon(ish). But once they are up, I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do with this blog. Sure I plan to travel again, but its not the pivotal point of my daily life at the moment, school kind of is. So, either I’m going to talk about life in St. John’s (which I’m sure other people can do much better), life as a grad student at MUN, or talk about food (a big love of mine). If you guys have any suggestions feel free to send them my way.


Here’s a bit of British tech humor for you guys:

(FYI, Orange is a phone service provider in the UK, similar to Rodgers or Telus in Canada)


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