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So, I’ve always heard that students eat terribly. Does that make me an exception? I think that i’ve been eating very well (thank you very much), but that could be because I put an effort into the food that I make (yes, I make my own food. no ‘Hungry Man’ boxed food for me).

A couple of weeks ago I made myself some amazing Chicken Parmigiana, then I made some Chicken Cordon Bleu. Chilli is a great way to fill a couple of meals in a week, so is soup, so I made some Borscht.

Desserts are a favourite of mine, oatmeal cookies, chocolate pudding and rice pudding. Gotta love ’em all.

Though, I am having trouble eating my due of fruits. Maybe I’ll have to resort to eating fruit leathers.

On another note, i’m getting my required amount of sports in (says the guy who didn’t do any sports since high school, well I guess biking across the country changes something in the membrane). I’ve started rock-climbing, we go two or three times a week, intermurals on the weekend (soccer and volleyball are now done, frisbee starts soon), and i’ve been invited to pick-up frisbee (by clearly the two most awesome people in newfoundland!), and starting in January i’m thinking of joining the winter frisbee league (of evil!).

Apparently my car engine is a bit loud, while driving home from dropping some friends off I got pulled over by the RNC (St. John’s police). He said it was a standard check (I wasn’t speeding! I had just pulled into an intersection from a red light), he complained about my car still being registered under PEI, then said that it was too loud. I think he just wanted to pull someone over for the fun of it. But I guess he had the right to check, it was three in the morning.


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Congratulations to Josh for finishing his cross-Canada cycle tour. Welcome back to the east coast, and to Canada for that mater.

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