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I’m sure many of you have been wondering what i’ve been up to after the end of my bike trip (and if you haven’t, you should have been).

I got to St John’s August 1st, so I was on the road for 72 days (with a grand total of 16 days of sun!). Once I got to the city my aunt and uncle gave me the grand tour over the week that i was there. We went to the regatta, listened to some of the folk festival, saw some cool cliffs and climbed up to the cabot tower. In general we spent time enjoying the nice weather that had suddenly surrounded St John’s since my arrival (you’re welcome!).

I then flew home to PEI to visit a bit with my parents and friends before heading back to the rock for the next big part of my life (ie. grad school). My dad had big plans of me and my brother painting the house, unfortunately the company had other ideas (apparently the paint will not be arriving until october!), so instead nick and I helped rip out rows of plants and built a wall for the hot tub deck.

Other than that I tried to fill my days, which is kind of hard when all the people you know work during the day (the best time to hang out when you don’t have a job). So I started to play ultimate frisbee with a group at victoria park (if you are on PEI and want to play, give them a visit wednesday evenings. amazing group of guys). I got myself a birthday present, a nice little Opus Fidelio. It takes me near and far.

Photo taken from opus website

My Bike!

I got to have coffee with friends I haven’t been able to see in a while, beer with those leaving their jobs for the summer, and food. Food is the best way to meet up with friends. When you come and visit, food will be high on the agenda.

To tell the truth, the main purpose of my trip back to PEI (other than cleaning and packing my room up) was to attend a friends wedding. Fun was had, garters were thrown, and the bride looks happy. Congratulations!

At the beginning of September I officially moved to St Joh’s NFLD (ie. the rock). I’ll be doing my masters in chemistry at MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland). So far my group seems to be full of really great people (but I have to say that don’t I, they might find this someday), and the project will be pretty interesting. I’ve been keeping pretty busy, grad orientation (I went to bitters, the grad pub, four times the first week), hiking the east coast trail (a trail that goes around the avalon peninsula), walking and getting lost around the city, rock climbing with some other grad students that i’ve met, lab group BBQ, and visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins. I’ll have to calm my activities down before I burn out.

One really cool thing, I got my name on the door of our office. It be official, i’m edumacated!


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