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On Friday, the cobwebs on the granny gear were cleaned out. I wanted to try a long and hilly route, and I found it. I did a nice little loop that took me from the centre of the island to one of the hilliest regions, then onto the shore and finally returning back.


  • Distance: 55 Kms
  • Time: ~3 hours
  • Weather: 8 degree’s, a good temperature for a bike ride
  • Feeling: I could go all day! if I weren’t hungry that is.

So, I found the hilly route, Its kind of crazy how fast some people drive those small roads, I guess they don’t expect to see people bike/walking or cops. On some of the hills it got kind of sketchy, people passing and oncoming cars bombing down the hill, I seriously thought that I was going to witness an accident or two. This is the first time that I brought along a snack to eat, Chocolate covered almonds (yum!) and an apple (keeps the doctor away). Every big hill that I crushed I would reward myself with a couple of almonds (great motivation). When I got to the shore, I went to visit my old workplace, it was closed but I showed myself in and had an apple on the lawn (no, its not trespassing if there is no gate).

On Saturday, I took the day off from my training and helped my parents on their farm. We run a fruit farm, and in the spring (as with any farm) there is a lot of stuff to be done. In the afternoon, a friend and I went to another friends place for a little get together, birthdays rock. Afterwards we split ways in town, they went clubbing and I went to see a band play. While rocking out I met some friends that I haven’t seen in a while, but as we know its hard to talk with loud music. Anyways good beer was had, lots of dancing, and great music. I call that success!

Sunday (today), I woke up late (that happens when you don’t get home until 4am!). To make up for my late start I helped the parents again with the berries, and went for a quick ride before supper (when you eat at home, supper tends to be pretty early).


  • Distance: 20 Kms
  • Time: ~1 hour
  • Weather: 14 degree’s, today rocked, man it was nice out!
  • Feeling: This has now become a quick ride! WOOT!

20 kms, a quick ride? yeah, you read me right! I’m finally falling into the grove of riding. I’m hopping to be able to push harder this week and get my “quick ride” to that 30 Km route that I did last week, that would be awesome. Now, i’m sure some of you are reading this and going: ‘holy crap 20 kms!’ and other ‘pfft, i eat 20 kms for breakfast!’, but you have to remember that I barely did any training this winter, especially with the thesis and all. So, being able to call 20 Kms a quick ride after only a couple weeks feels great.

My goal for my short term training (it has to be short term, I leave soon!), is to bike a smooth 80 kms this week, and a hilly 100 kms next week. I’m hopping that will get me in a good enough shape to get over the rockies, if not, i’m sure there are energy drinks I can get that will act as jet-fuel.

Easy peasy

Dis be the goal


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The Great Thing

The great thing about riding a bike, the same could be said about running, walking…., is being able to change your route whenever you feel like it. When I head out the door yesterday I had planned on doing a quick and flat loop down to Emyvale. But, once I got going I didn’t want to stop. So, my quick loop turned into a medium run with more hills than I had planned, it was awesome.


  • Time: I forget
  • Distance: 30 Kms (I was originally going for 20 Kms)
  • Weather: 10 Degree’s, the weather seems to fluctuate quite a lot lately.
  • Feeling: Up beat

This rainjacket is awesome! Sure its not raining out, but it is kind of nippy out, but i don’t need a sweater or full jacket. The pit-vents are a blessing. Weird how I would never have thought that a raincoat should be worn other than when it was raining.

And just for the hell of it, this video is awesome. Enjoy!

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Back to Training

Well, now that my honours thesis and presentation are done, I now need to get back into gear and into shape. I don’t want to burn out after the first week of my trip.

On Tuesday I had planned on doing a quick and simple loop with no hills, but when my father got home from work he suggested a new route that I had never thought of doing. I think it was more hilly that he thought that it was, he drives the route every day, driving and biking make the same scenery totally different.


  • Time: ~2 hours
  • Distance: 30 Kms
  • Weather: 4 degree, and raining. My orange raincoat is getting a work out.
  • Felling: excited to be back on my bike after the grueling past couple of weeks at school.
  • Music: None
A Hilly Route

A Hilly Route

So, the trail that I took started off up a long uphill on the highway, so not only was it an incline but trucks were bombing past me, probably tempted to see if they could hit me. Once I got onto the quieter part of the route, the whole thing was up and down, but mostly up it seemed. It was hard, but a lot of fun. The great thing about this route is the fact that when i’m ready I can tack it onto my long route from last year and make it the ultimate training route. Anyone care to join for a 100kms of hills?

On Wednesday I was pretty angry with school, and needed to blow some steam, so I hopped onto the bike and chose a quick and simple route, it had some slight hills but nothing compared to Tuesdays route. It was the perfect recovery route.


  • Time: ~1 1/2 hours
  • Distance: 25 Kms
  • Weather: 10 Degree’s, warmer than tuesday, but still a bit nippy.
  • Feeling: Pissed off, but feeling better after the run.
  • Music: None

The first part of the route was to go to a trucker dealership and buy a couple nuts and bots, apparently my fenders were falling off and I needed to fix that, don’t want them to fall off during a fast decent. The rest of the route was pretty calm, slight hills, but nothing to complain about. entering into New Glasgow I decided to bomb down the hill, I love breaking speed limits on a bike, makes me feel powerful.

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My honours thesis was passed in on thursday, and my defense was this morning. I am now officially done school until convocation.

Now, to get back to training for this summer.

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So, today I decided to go on the hilliest route near my house. Not only was it the hilliest, but probably the muddiest as well.


  • Time: 1 1/4hours
  • Distance: 14kms
  • Weather: 19 Degrees, and sunny. gotta love spring!
  • Feeling: still tired
  • Music: LCD Soundsystem

Not only did I go on the hilliest route, but I also decided against using the granny gear. And taking a dirt road this early in spring was probably not the greatest idea, I got stuck a couple of times, had to walk through snow. But, man was it fun.

As an aside, I just want to point out one of my pet peeves. Since more people are biking now that it’s nice out, i’ve noticed them biking on the sidewalk. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BIKE ON SIDEWALKS! no wonder pedestrians hate cyclists as well as motorists, if you’re on the sidewalk motorists don’t know if you are staying there or going to avoid the people ahead by curb jumping. Please, Please, Please! keep the streets safe and bike on the road. Sure university avenue sucks for biking, but biking on the sidewalk pisses everyone off.

Also, this is probably the best car commercial that i’ve seen in a long time:

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  • Time: 1 1/4 hours
  • Distance: 19 kms
  • Weather: 14 degree’s, and sunny!!, but a bit of wind
  • Feeling: tired, but determined
  • Music: U.N.K.L.E

When I got to the 3km mark, my legs were killing me, and combined with the wind I almost turned and went home. But, I kept going, knowing that there were trees coming up, and the wind would be an awesome tailwind on the way back. U.N.K.L.E is a great band to listen to when you’re on the road, they seem to know when you need a steady pace to go up hills, and a rockin’ pace to fly down them. tomorrow I think i’ll throw on LCD Soundsytem’s ’45:33′

Now, time to go to school and write some more.

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Out and About

My friend Rachael has been giving stats on her runs (she is currently training for a run in the Blue Nose Marathon), and thought that it might be a good idea to do as well.

So, here we go (hopefully I keep this up):


  • Time: 1 1/2 hours
  • Distance: 19kms
  • Weather: 7 degrees, FOG! (I wore my bright-ass orange raincoat, if you hit me you must be blind)
  • Feeling: Upbeat, first bike outside this spring.

All I can say, biking in the fog is AWESOME! you kind of forget where you are and just want to keep going. My legs started to burn pretty quickly, I plan to get onto the bike as often as I can in the next couple of days (its supposed to be really nice), well as often as my thesis writing will let me.

On that note, as you could have guessed from my previous post, classes are finished. Not just for this year, but for my undergrad! Now, that doesn’t mean that i’m done school (not by a long shot!), I still have to write my final exams, and finish writing my thesis, and then there is the dreaded thesis presentation.

I know it sounds like i’m complaining about school a lot, but I really do enjoy it. I just wish that I could have a life outside of it.

Oh! Chemistry Graduation Party Tonight! WOOT! (nerd)

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