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I wish the snow would leave so I could go on a bike ride outside.

While I’m wishing, I wish school were done so I wouldn’t have to worry about this research anymore.


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CD Release

A friend of mine (part of the band: Milks and Rectangles) hosted a CD release the other night. And as always, CD release party are awesome. They have their CD up for free download on their website. If you can, see them live they are pretty sweet.

Opening for them were two other PEI acts: Racoon Bandit and Boxer the Horse.

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Grand News!

I bought my plane ticket!

This trip is getting more and more real. I’ve been going to the gym to get back into shape (holy crap i’m out of shape, I guess fast-food and sitting at a desk studying doesn’t help). My bike is at the LBS right now getting tuned (yeah, I know I should be doing it myself. but I don’t completely trust myself with mechanical stuff. electronics no problem, bike repair and upkeep not so much. I wonder if they give a dummies course on bike repair and maintenance?).

I’ve decided to start my trip in Vancouver, and skip Victoria. Sure, that means I will be cheating. But unfortunately, I am kind of on a time limit, I need to get back to the Atlantic before September.

This past weekend I went to the AIDW (Atlantic Inorganic Discussion Weekend, or Atlantic Inorganic Drinking Weekend depending on who you ask). I gave a short presentation on the research I’ve been doing for my undergrad. It’s pretty nerve racking presenting scientifically in front of your peers. this was the first time I’ve presented in front of someone other than my class mates. It was a good experience.

I’ve been listening to Coco Love Alcorn. Its fun, slow and folky. You should give it a listen. Plus she sings about biking!

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