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So, I’ve been AWOL for the past couple of weeks. But hear me out, I’ve got good reasons.

In two weekends I’ll be presenting my honours research at AIWD in Halifax. Sure, I’ve presented before, but It’s always been before people that I’ve known and people that don’t really know what is going on with my project. Generally they were just being nice and listening to what I had to say. This will be my first full-blown conference in front of people who know their stuff. So, I’m kind of afraid and worried, no BS’ing here. In preparation I’ve been holed up in the lab working furiously trying to get results, good or bad doesn’t really matter as long as they are results than can be presented.

In addition to the Halifax presentation, school has pretty much taken over my life (as if it hadn’t before). Exams were the name of the game, as well as assignments and starting to write my honours thesis.

The Olympics! When I’m not in the lab, eating or sleeping I’ve been watching the Winter Olympics. though I guess I could be working/writing while watching, but where would be the fun in that.

In respect to cycling, I’ve been slacking in training. I’ve gone skiing once, and biked a couple of times in the snow. But when exams started I started going to the gym less and less. This week I’ll have to kick-myself in the ass and get to the gym at least three times. If the heat keeps up as it is, I might be able to get out on the road for a quick ride.

Don’t know if it counts towards cross-training, but we are planning on curling in the near future. YAY!


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All I can say is, watch their faces. Cracks me up every time.

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It finally got here! Now I can’t wait to set it up and go for a ride.

Is it normal to go for a ride in the snow at -19’C? Who cares! I’m taking this baby out!

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